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The Department of Mineralogy and Petrology is a structural subdivision of the Geological faculty since the beginning of the 20th century. Heads of department were famous scientists: L.L. Ivanov, L.I. Stankevich, N.P. Cemenenko, E.A. Lazarenko, V.N. Nagorniy. Currently, the department's teachers are V.V. Ishkov, I.I. Kurmelev, M.L. Kutsevol, E.V Slyvnaya, A.B. Moskalenko and others. The Chairman of the Department is PhD, Associate Professor V.V. Ishkov.


Department provides teaching of professionally-oriented and special disciplines :
  • § Mineralogy and Crystallography;
  • § Petrography;
  • § Lithology;
  • § Historical Geology;
  • § Palentology;
  • § Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology;
  • § Laboratory Methods of Study of Minerals and Rocks;
  • § Laboratory Methods of Study of Solid Fuels;
  • § Technological Mineralogy;
  • § Searches of Minerals;
  • § Mining Industry Geology
Today, the main objective of the department is to provide students with deep theoretical knowledge and the necessary practical skills to use in their further studies and work in the chosen specialty. There are cabinets of mineralogy, petrography, historical geology, laboratory for microscopic methods at the department, which are used in the educational process and scientific research by students of all years of study. The results of these studies are published in scientific reports, collections of scientific publications. Laboratories and equipment comply with the requirements of the educational process. In the recent years, the department taught 28 courses for students of Geological Exploration, Mechanical Engineering Faculties and the Faculty of construction of full-time training, and the Institute of Extramural and Distance Education. There are 1 Full Professor, 4 Associate Professors and two Assistants working at the Department. Employees of the department are active in professional work, in organize geological circles, geological expeditions, they participate in the preparation and conduction of students' research.

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